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Tuscan PGI extra virgin olive oil - Bottle lt. 0,75

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Pagamento sicuro
Pagamento sicuro

Only cold-pressed olive juice retaining all its beneficial properties.

Extra-virgin olive oil that does not undergo refining and holds extraordinary nutritional and therapeutic properties.
Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it raises the level of “good” cholesterol (HDL), which is very important for our health. The presence of vitamins A and E with their strong antioxidant power helps prevent the formation of free radicals and therefore slows down ageing.

PGI means Protected Geographical Indication. In addition to being extra-virgin, this oil also offers the greatest certainty of certified authenticity and, above all, an unbreakable bond with the territory of origin. The result is a 100% Tuscan oil.
With its signature the Consortium guarantees every bottle and tin, controlling the entire chain of production, which strictly takes place in Tuscany, from tree to packaging.
The PGI extra virgin olive oil is an olive oil obtained from the first pressing of the olives by mechanical processes, therefore without using chemical processes or substances, and under conditions that do not cause deterioration of the oil.
The main indicator of quality – free acidity – must be less than 0.6% (even lower than the allowable limit for extra virgin olive oil). This means that olives were not damaged and were still almost intact at time of pressing. This low acidity also ensures that oil is without defects and will maintain its full aromatic potential.

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