“Number One” is a company whose aim is to hand-pick the products that best illustrate an all-Italian culinary tradition, made of wholesome raw materials selected with an almost maniacal attention to detail, thus providing the consumer with the highest quality standards.

The taste for first quality food and the desire to raise awareness of the territories that are steeped in the tradition of the finest Italian Food & Wine have inevitably led us to establish “Number One”..

We deal with small-scale artisan food producers, who only pack quality food they would be proud to serve at their own table.

Eating healthy and tasty food. We can and we must do it, especially now that we are aware of the importance that food has for human health..

“Number One” becomes the means to taste and reward these specialities, directly serving them at the tables of attentive, progressive, informed gourmet connoisseurs.

We are trying to spread consumers’ appreciation for these small gems of companies, so that they will not be forced to bow to market demands that require lower production costs with a massive increase in production volumes, at the expense of quality.

We wish to bring the products of Italian excellence on the tables of the gourmets of the world.

We select companies based on strict criteria, through stringent controls on the entire production chain.

These controls are aimed at maintaining a high intrinsic quality of products, consumers’ health, work ethic, as well as at protecting the environment.

Eating is a necessity, but eating healthily is a need for both the body and soul.